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Bevel Gearbox
Bevel gearboxes (right angle gear) are special speed reducers. They are useful when the direction of a shaft's rotation needs to be changed. These gearboxes offer an extensive range of ratios together with an excellent power to size relationship with low noise levels at high speed operation.
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Gears & Gear Drives, Bangalore
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These gears transfer the force from one direction to another thereby increasing the force generated after transfer.  Their shafts are lying perpendicular to each other to transmit power. Hence, used mainly in right-angle applications. Also, it has the potential to transmit high torque at high speed with low power loss, saves more energy as compared to worm gears.

We offer bevel gear boxes that have special place with multiple choices like Solid input-solid output, Hollow input-hollow outputs, Hollow input-Solid Output etc. in varying gear ratios . The product finds application in watches, drills, printing presses, material handling and even some forms of can openers.

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